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  • Elco Elettronica

With an experince of 40 years of research and design applied to the electronics industry, Elco Elettronica is the result of a modern and dynamic organization, that thanks to a team of motivated and qualified technicians, was able to penetrate the market by offering innovative solutions and constant. Core business is the design and implementation of controls and systems for industrial automation, following close and directly every phase of product development.
The reasons of its success are the products quality, flexibility and ability to anticipate the needs, the technical support and service for the customer satisfaction. Leader in industrial automation, the company offers highly-art solutions for every kind of application, always providing technical support to the development of projects with expertise and professionalism. Elco Elettronica has extensive experience in machine tools in the sectors of wood, iron, aluminum, plastics, glass, knitting and many other areas, always providing high quality standards. The key mission of Elco Elettronica has always been the design and realization of complete systems for industrial automation highly-technical and highly portable, able to meet the customer needs at extremely competitive costs.