Quota MD 10 / Displays
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The MD10 display setted as 'quota diplay' represents the ideal solution to show in the machine the quota position of a mechanical axis or organ detected through a digital position transducer such as mono or bidirectional encoder, magnetic strip, simulated encoder or other digital systems. The product is also able to manage two settable set points that can be associated with two values that can be entered by the operator and can be associated with two independent clean contacts on board the instrument.

6 digit viewer + 1 status digit
n. 1 input from incremental bidirectional encoder 40khz
n. 2 adjustable digital inputs NPN / PNP
n. 2 digital relay outputs 1 A

> 220 AC
> 110AC
> 24 AC
> 24 DC
> Frontal H: 46 mm / L: 93 mm
> Depth D: 90 mm